Our services

Know-how from experienced employees in the textile industry

Since we largely produce our work clothing and work clothing or casual wear ourselves, we of course know exactly what is important in terms of work trousers, work jackets or fleece jackets, for example. What is important? What do you really need? What is just nice to have? With this know-how we can advise our customers professionally.

What advantage do you have when you shop with us?

1. We advise you personally on the subject of work clothing and work clothing

2. You can try it on with us before buying

3. Important for companies: we produce your work clothes and work clothing according to your desired design (color, cut, logo).

4. Embroidered logo on bar goods is by no means team clothing or image clothing. With us you get your work clothes and work clothes like nobody else has. And at a really fair price.

5. We work with other well-known manufacturers if there is not a product in our range.

Additional advantages
Adjustment to industry and customer needs

Do you need work clothes without zippers or buttons because your employees work with freshly painted surfaces? Would you like your special company color incorporated as a contrasting color to stand out? We can meet almost all customer requirements.

Highest quality standards

As a long-standing partner of the industry, we have the highest demands on all areas - starting with the fabrics and processing to the finished product.

100% customizable

It is not just the fabric and color that can be adapted - we are also happy to deliver cuts and shapes according to your specifications. Our team with many years of experience in the upscale textile industry is at your disposal with advice and action.


We would be happy to deliver your work clothes and work clothing including your logo.

Flexible industrial solutions

For industrial customers, we offer flexible delivery times and guaranteed stocks which you can call up as required.

For which industries are we there?

1. Industry

2. Craft

3. Trade

4. Medicine and care

5. Gastronomy

6. Guild

additional services

If you order our own ADMAG goods, they will be embroidered or printed directly in our production facility. That cuts your costs significantly.