ADMAG consists of 4 business areas: Textile | Consulting | Logistics | Manufacturing plus the independent sales company ADMAG Sales SRL.
We equip your team with work clothes, optimize your processes or take over logistical activities for you. On request, we can support you with an all-round carefree package.
Are you looking for a production facility or storage space? Our 4 halls with a total of 2400 m² are the perfect solution for your project. Rental prices on request.
ADMAG SRL is an owner-managed company based in the Romanian city of Calafat.
The owners Maria-Adina Gheonea and Mike Blum founded the company in 2016.
Our goal is to create as many secure jobs as possible in an economically weak region in Romania.
The city of Calafat was and still is a textile stronghold. This enables us to benefit from a very experienced workforce. Each of our employees can prove at least 10 years of professional experience in the textile industry, which can be seen immediately from the high quality processing of our textiles.
The owners themselves have over 15 years of experience in consulting, production and logistics. A logical step to integrate these departments into the company.
Of course, we owners have thought about which values ​​are most important for our company. We asked our employees and employees of other Romanian companies about this. The result are the values ​​with which we definitely stand out from other companies in Romania.
We are a TEAM - our employees work together. Every team member, whether seamstress, team leader, project manager or managing director. Everyone can bring ideas and opinions to the company. Everyone is treated equally. A quality that many employees are not used to from their previous employers. We want to change that and live. Screaming is not an option for us.
Have fun and be crazy - we're not afraid to be a little crazy. From our point of view, a positive quality that can also be really fun. We live a positive and fun atmosphere where every employee can be who he is. In many companies this is not necessarily a given.
Adventurous, creative and open - take risks with your understanding and always be creative and open to new things. Of course, you make mistakes, but if you don't make any mistakes, it just means you haven't taken any risks.
We have win-win partnerships with our business partners - we see our business partners as allies. Together we want to work on projects and satisfy our customers. We treat them fairly and with respect. We expect the same from you.