Workwear + fashion

Our Workwear + Fashion department produces work and work clothing, but also leisure clothing.
Within our own collections, you can put together your work clothing so that it fits your company. Pick your colors. We would be happy to use the fabric of your choice with the desired grammage. Of course we will refine your product with your company logo. We can embroider or print this. With our image clothing you can make your company even more visible.

Sewing wages
You are also welcome to inquire if we can manufacture products for you with a sewing fee.
Are you looking for a reliable, professional and trustworthy partner who can complete individual orders for you in a timely manner? If not only the price but also the quality of the products is important to you, SC ADMAG SRL is the right partner for you.

We are a family company that has existed since 2016. Our advantage is that we have a lot of space and a large selection of specialist staff. We can build up our own team exclusively for you.
Our specialty is the sewing of work clothing such as: work overalls, work jackets and coats. We also sew medical clothing for hospitals and fleece jackets. We offer our services as sewing wages and work with fabrics that the client provides.

We rely on modern machinery and an experienced team of 20 employees, which we can expand for you in a timely manner. We have our own cutting department, but we also have suppliers close by. We also have several ironing stations. There are numerous machines in our machine park for finishing clothing, including buttonhole sewing machines.

We have experience in export production right from the start and are interested in long-term cooperation. Communication is possible in German, English and of course Romanian.

We invite you to cooperation !!

You can place your orders through our own sales company.